Fishing Report 9th 2nd 2017 Fish still chomping Get into them

Declan Wheeler with a great Boondooma yellow picked up last weekend.

Lure of the week

The Megabass Mag Draft is one of the best swimbaits on the market this fully rigged 6 inch soft plastic has a great action for both slow and fast. It has amazing soft plastic fantastic body roll and tail wobble due to the dynamic fusion body and 6 inch screw tailing design. It features a stabilizing hydro fin and direct fighting system from the nose toe point and has the amazing ability to be retrieved (slow rolled) at the slowest of speeds which can be the most deadly method for Barramundi and Big Cod in certain situations. The lure also enables an assist hook to be attached to the existing treble. It also features the famous “Maghold” system which enables the treble to hold to the belly of the lure via a magnet inserted in the belly. This lure is sure to be amazing for many species including Murray Cod Barramundi in the wild or in the impoundments.

Leslie dam

One of our most popular local fishing lakes Leslie has been kind to us for a good while now and the trend continues with plenty of fish hitting the decks. Both bait and lures have been very productive although the size of the fish has been under, with most around the 30cm mark there has been some better sized yellowbelly and cod amongst them. The lure anglers have been trolling and casting both Jackalls and blades in around 10-15 ft of water all throughout the dam while the bait anglers have been fishing similar depths with both live shrimp and saltwater yabbies. It seems as the numbers of fish have been way up the back of the lake while the better fish have been coming down closer to the dam wall.

Cressbrook dam

Similar scenario at Cressbrook with lots of smaller fish being landed throughout the day. Mostly bass around the 25cm mark there is some better sized fish coming in the early mornings up until around 8.30 am. Fishing deeper water in around 30ft is the most productive areas, the lure that anglers have been having good success with are tail spinners and spoons hopped along the bottom while the bait fisherman have been having good success with live shrimp and live worms. The small grunter are a very active bi-catch and have been taking the baits before the bass or yellowbelly have a chance to.

Cooby dam

Cooby is fishing ok, there has been no records broken this week but still pretty consistent with some nice size yellowbelly in the late afternoon and early morning. The lure anglers have still been catching most fish on the Ecogear ZX blades and Jackall Mask Vibe in the deep water. Although deep diving hard bodies trolled or cast along the rock wall has picked up some nice fish. For the bait angler live shrimp, saltwater yabbies and live worms have all had success. It’s just a matter of the bite time coming on throughout the day or on the sunrise and sunset bite windows.

Somerset dam

Somerset dam is still firing quiet well although there has been lots of boat traffic over the past couple weeks. Now that things are settling the schools are back on the bite the most productive areas have been Pelican Point and Kirkliegh areas in about 25 ft again. For targeting these  deeper fish sinking lures like tailspinners, spoons and blades have been most productive and for the bait anglers live shrimp has been dynamite with live worms also getting the job done.

Boondooma dam

With a large fishing comp on last weekend and more competitions coming Boondooma is taking some series fishing pressure from anglers. But so far has held up to it with lots of anglers catching their bag limits on the bass with plenty of nice yellowbelly as bi-catch. Most fish have been coming off main lake points out in the deeper water and all sorts of sinking lures have worked well but with so many lures passing these fish it will soon be a matter of throwing anything different to get a bite and also bait will play its part. The pressured fish usually react allot better to live bait in these circumstances.

Moreton bay

With some great weather lately plenty of keen anglers have been out in the bay chasing all sorts of fish. Day to day is different some days the spotty mackrel  have been thick while other days hard to find but there are plenty of other fish around with good schools of squire and sweetlip around Peel {sland and the artificial reefs and plenty of nice sized whiting around the shallows. All fish taking both bait and lures, squid is a great bait to use in the bay and there are also plenty around to catch if you choose while soft plastics dominate the lure fishing.

Tip of the week

In our local impoundments the fish react to the weather the way we would expect through the night early mornings and late in the day they move closer to the edges. For the warm water while throughout the middle of the day when it’s hot they tend to move deep and find themselves either on the bottom or suspended in the water temp they find most comfortable. This is where a quality fish finder will not only help locate fish but help find the water column that most fish are sitting in.


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