Miller Rods ” BeastFreaK ” has arrived, The MUST HAVE for targeting the Big Beasts


The BeastFreaK is Miller Rods  ‘Big Bait’ specialist! When it comes to throwing heavy lures for big fish in tight cover or making super long cast on wind-blown banks, the BeastFreaK will take it head-on! With a max lure weight of 5oz it will handle most jointed swimbaits with ease but don’t let the power fool you. This rod is also sensitive enough to provide all the retrieve feed-b

ack you need to work your chosen bait to perfection.

Performance Features

  • Balance Tuned
  • Comfort Grip
  • Sensitivity +
  • Long Range Presentation
  • Swing Grip
  • Custom Action
  • Custom Graphite Blend
  • Slickflow Ceramic Guide Train
  • Custom Hook Keeper

Ideal for

If you’re a big cod barra hunter or looking for that upgrade in a tournament this is the rod you need. BeastFreaK specializes in the medium to large jointed and paddletail swimbaits in any situation. Whether it’s heavy cover requiring accurate casts, or long searching casts down the windy bank, this rod gets the job done! When needing the extra power to pull larger fish from mats the BeastFreaK will cast your lure a mile and then some, while the tip action makes for a great topwater rod when the situation calls for an XOS topwater bait.

The name Ian Miller is synonymous with quality, high performance fishing rods of the finest order.

Ian Miller rods are uncompromising… his designs cutting edge…

They have been proven the world over and are the proud possessions of anglers in every corner of the globe.

“The piscatorial equivalent of a Stradivari violin or Ferrari sportscar…”
Steve Starling

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