Fishing Report 26 Jan 2017 Get out Enjoy the weather. Happy Australia Day



Lure of the week


Since 1985 Oar-Gee has proven its self to be a totally 100% Australian lure with a track record of quality workmanship designed by fishermen for fishermen. To last such a huge test of time, the people at Qar-Gee must be doing soothing right. Every week all over Australia our natives fall prey to the irresistible Oar-Gee. With a huge color range and model sizes they are sure to have the right lure for your fishing region. Check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Cressbrook Dam

Not much has changed over the last week, Cressy is still going slow. Some signs of schooling but nothing overly exciting. Some hits around the boat ramp and buoys still. There has been several anglers catching small Bass on Blades trolling and casting all along the front around the 32ft mark, catches up to 40 or so at a time.

Cooby Dam

Cooby has picked up even better than last week. Several great sized Cod being landed, one in particular justshy of the  meter mark. Yellow Belly are hitting Dark Color lures, Blades with excitement. Many still hovering around the 20ft region. W and Salt Water Yabbies have also gotten great results with many Yellows averaging around the 40 to 45cm mark. With the Cod moving around this has also seemed to start the Yellows moving around as well. So work the sounder until you come across them and send down some lines.

Leslie Dam

This close to Toowoomba dam hasn’t seemed to of stopped. Great yellows still being caught daily with reports of Cod ranging in sizes being caught and or dropped as well. Cod alley seems to be the best spot for Yellows, schooling up around structure, boulders under the surface. The Yellows have taken some lures and yabbies during the day, but the best is the early morning and late arves from around 3 onwards. Several people have started adding ZipTailz Treble Hook Skirts to their lures and getting better results then what they feel is normal. Several Cod have been picked up off the point near the House to the left on the way to the back regions of the dam. There is a rocky little section on that point that nearly always seems to have activity schooling around it.

Somerset Dam

Somerset has picked up a little, Good reports of Bass being caught along the Spit, Queen st, Bay13 and the Pelican Point. Up into the timbers have seen good Yellow Belly caught on a range of technics. Trolling as well as casting hard bodies , Little Rippers, Jackalls, Balista’s JUGGERNAUT 65 and other similar profile lures. Several spinners like Nories have gotten mixed results. Salt Water Yabbies and Live Shrimp have been doing very well all along the timber past Kirkleigh.

Coolmunda Dam

Coolmunda is still going well. Good numbers and sizes of Yellow Belly being caught in the hole, along the dam wall as well as the old creek bed. Trolling hard bodies in purples, blacks, yellow and reds have gotten the best results. Mixed bag of lures from hard Body divers to Vibs have been getting the resuts in the colors mentioned. With the storms and heat back with us, The Cod have started to move around a bit more than of late. Several good catches have been taken along the creek bed as well as the hole to the left of the boat ramp. Larger lures and Spinner Baits Like OarGee painted Bibs Plows, AC Invaders and Bassmann 4×4 have stirred up the Cod to attack.

Boondooma and Bjelke Peterson

Both dams are still going well. Good Yellows caught in the timbers in both dams. Masked Vibs, Hard Bodies have done the trick. Salt water yabbies as well as Live Shrimp have also hooked several quality fish.  In Boondooma, Sending down Ice jigs and also slow retrieving Norrie’s have given up quality Bass along Pelican Point area. Stuart Arm has shown some good bass as well as Yellow Belly. The bay opposite dam wall has shown some results on hopping Masked Vibs. Lisa Gangs Ledge has given up some good Yellow belly, mainly on Live Shrimp and Salt water yabbies. Similar results in the open regions of Bjelke as well as some results of bass caught on plastics, Atomics etc

Gold Coast

All the estuaries’ and canals still fishing really well. Great Flatties being caught or a mix of Soft plastics and Hard Bodies. Still heaps of quality Whiting getting around all the usual spots, sand banks etc mouth of Coomera River is also doing with some reports of good Jewies being taken at night. Still good Muddies being caught around the creeks around the Pin and up the Coomera river. Plenty of quality and quantity of prawns being picked up throughout the system. Nothing like a fresh feed straight from your own net to plate.

Off Shore

There has been some great Dolphin fish being caught around the 24s, 36’s with still heaps of Kingies swimming around at the 50’s as well as some Macks still also hanging around. The smaller Black marlin are still hanging around, However they are moving around a fair bit so you’ll have to put in a bit of time in tracking them down.  Around the Bay has seen some good Squire and Spotties.

Tip of the week

With the heat we have been seeing and the great weather conditions, Now is the time to get out and enjoy some great fishing. The long weekend will give you plenty of time to do a little research into fish habits. Look for weed beds, see what bait fish is in them, try and mimic them. Take tie to work the sounder and try and see if you can see any patterns of schools moving around. Night take a few hours or even a day to work it out, but then armed with this knowledge spend the next day or so working to spots with the color lures that hopefully mimic the food thats around.

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