Fishing Report 19 Jan 2017 Cod going well at Coolmunda



Adam Kruast with a great example of a Coolmunda Cod

Lure of the week

The Smak range of hardbodies have a great range of colours and depths which is ideal for targeting different water columns. They come in a 12ft, 16ft,19ft and a 25ft diver all with a great action for cod, yellowbelly and bass.

Leslie dam

The warm conditions have the smaller yellowbelly really firing up this week; we landed 30 small yellowbelly in a short time, unfortunately no big fish. I would suggest that the larger fish will be out early mornings and late in the afternoon when the temp cools down, but the little ones is plenty of fun for the family. Casting Jackalls and blades up the back of the lake and winding pretty quick was getting the bite. The Ecogear blades were the stand out lure in about 8-10 ft of water.

Coolmunda dam

The cod have been biting really well with lots of reports of good size cod being landed throughout all the timbered areas. Casting spinnerbaits conditions are perfect for spinnerbaits with still some colour in the water the flash and vibration from the blades is key to attracting the cod. Unfortunately the yellowbelly have still been a bit quiet but with the bigger cod getting around it’s a great time to fish Coolmunda. Salt water yabbies have seen a few yellowbelly bite but spinnerbaits seem to be the flavour.

Cooby dam

Things are pretty consistent at Cooby, the yelowbelly have been biting ok on the Ecogear blades and Jackalls out in the deeper water. Through the day they do bite but the better fishing is defiantly late in the day around 6pm, again fishing deeper water around 25ft and looking for submerged structure to hold the fish. The bait fishos have had much more success with the saltwater yabbies and live shrimp fishing along the buoy line and out from the old reflections boat ramp on the other side.

Somerset dam

Some great fishing produced from Somerset this week finally the schooling bass are firing up with some good fish out from Pelican Point in around 27ft that were ready to eat. Stand out lures were tailspinners and spoons, all blade type lures worked well while live shrimp dominated the bait fishing. Locating the schools is key at Somerset, using your fish finder. Otherwise try trolling deep diving lures around to locate some fish, the late afternoon was by far the best bite window.

Boondooma dam

Boondooma has reacted as expected with this hot weather the fish have found a thermocline of water in around 25ft which is the ideal temp for them to sit. Schools still need to be located with either fish finder or by trolling deep divers around 20-25ft of water, some of the better schools of bass have been found suspended in 100ft of water. Once located it’s a matter of fishing the correctly weighted plastic or blade to work through the suspended fish or for the bait angler. Only drop your bait the appropriate level of water. Worms, prawns and shrimp has all worked well at Boondooma.

Gold Coast offshore

Schools of pelagic fish are thick out from the Gold Coast. Tuna, mackerel, dolphin fish, trevally and bill fish, you name it and they are available just off the coast at the 50m and 100m depth marks. Trolling hardbodies and skirted lures has had good success, the Halco Laser pro 190mm 2mtr divers have been the pick while for the bait fishos live baits have been excellent and defiantly worth the extra time to go catch them. A lot of the schools have been taking some fishing pressure and won’t eat anything but live bait.

Tip of the week

Any lake that has a thermocline of water means that most of the fish will be in this water column this is ideal situation for trolling regardless of how well you read a fish finder having a lure out while searching for the school will help you verify if they are active or not.

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