Fishing Report Jan 12, get in Grab Some Salt Water Yabbies and Bag those Yellows


Lure of the week

The Jackall TN series comes in a variety of different sizes and rattles a particular favourite is the Full Tungsten which Is a deeper sounding rattle which is available in 50, 60 and 70mm. These FT models also are heavier in weight and can run deeper, perfect for deep water and trolling.

Cooby dam

Cooby has been pretty consistent this week with most anglers landing a few nice sized yellowbelly along with some smaller cod. Jigging the Ecogear ZX blades has been the most productive along with casting them in the weeds and hopping them out, they are a very versatile lure. Deep jigging and bait fishing along the buoy line has been very popular while casting Jackall Tn60’s around the point near the camp Cooby ramp has seen some nice fish.

Leslie dam

Leslie has been fishing quite well with plenty of yellowbelly, cod and silver perch being landed while the yellowbelly and cod have mostly been caught out in the main basin in deeper water around 20ft on saltwater yabbies, live shrimp and Ecogear blades. Locating structure on your fish finder will give you a great place to start, there is plenty of boulders on the bed of the lake that hold fish. Some good catches up around the Black Boys on Jackalls as well. While the land based anglers have had some good success on the silver perch plenty around the edges looking for a feed and live worms have been the best bet.

Coolmunda dam

Some real quality fish coming from Coolmunda, the last week the water is starting to clear up with still a brown look to it. Over the coming weeks things should really heat up while even this week there has been plenty of nice size cod landed from the 60-85cm. Mostly all on spinnerbaits in the timbers around 15ft.  If your after yellowbelly locating them in the main basin and using baits like saltwater yabbies and live shrimp will have the best results.

Cressbrook dam

Unusually there is still a nice edge bite early in the morning at Cressy with some quality bass being taken on suspending lures on some of the grassy banks, while this bite only lasts until about 8am before the fish move out to the deeper water. Through the day the fishing has been a little quiet although some good fish have been landed trolling deep divers up the middle of the lake, I would suggest the deeper the better. For the bait anglers plenty of smaller fish around which can be a new sense but live shrimp and live worms are your best bet.

Somerset dam

Somerset hasn’t been to kind to us lately with plenty of bass schooling up in a variety of the usual locations around 30ft early mornings and late afternoon have seen these fish bite on tail spinners and spoons but unfortunately the bite period doesn’t last too long before they shut down again. On the plus side the bass that have been caught are monsters, mostly around the 50cm mark. If you take live shrimp you will stand a much better chance.

Border Rivers & Condamine

The river fishing has been exceptional the Condamine, Dumaresq and Macintyre rivers have all fished really well on all sorts of baits and lures. Stand outs have been spinnerbaits and surface lures while saltwater yabbies, live shrimp and live yabbies have all worked great areas of the Condamine around Leyburn and Pittsworth have fished well while almost all sections of the other rivers are good to go including the more southern rivers like the Severn  and Gwydir rivers.

Tip of the week

I have always found it hard to locate fish on my fish finder at Cooby dam, this lead me to believe that a lot of the fish are hiding in the weeds which makes sense because of all the shrimp and other baitfish that are living in the weeds. So it means fishing the weeds although it can be difficult and frustrating its better than fishing in the open where there is no fish. Salt water yabbied have also worked very well in the same region

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