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weatherLure of the week

The Squidgy slick rig is possibly the most versatile lure around, they are soft plastics already rigged with a hidden jighead. They come in a variety of colors weights and sizes for all types of fishing and they are dynamite on a variety of species including barramundi, bass and cod. They are simple to use, simply tie them on straight from the packet and start fishing.

Cooby dam

Cooby is fishing quiet well although it can change day to day and some anglers have had trouble at times, most anglers have had some good success this week with both cod and yellowbelly. Trolling deep diving hardbodies has caught both species while jigging blades in the deep has picked up plenty of nice yellowbelly. Fishing bigger lures like spinnerbaits and large plastics to the edges in the late afternoon has seen plenty of reasonable sized cod. There has been a spike in the number of 50-60cm cod landed at Cooby over the past couple months which is looking promising for the future.

Leslie dam

One of our better producing local dams there has been consistent reports of cod and yellowbelly landed at Leslie this week on both bait and lures. the word is bright coloured lures like green and yellow trolled along the rocky banks toward the dam wall end of the lake. This has produced some good yellowbelly and a few cod around the 60cm mark while the bait fishing has also been very productive with live shrimp and saltwater yabbies dominating for the cod and yellowbelly, live worms have also worked especially on the silver perch.

Condamine River

It’s been a long time coming but the Condamine is fishing well and on both bait and lures. It is clear enough to fish lures and the big cod are starting to show up with a few good reports this week of large cod landed on surface lures and bibbed hardbodies around the Lemontree area while the yellowbelly have been going really well on live baits like worms, shrimp and yabbies.

Border Rivers

Both the Macintyre and Dumaresq rivers around Texas through to Goondiwindi have been fishing really well and the cod have been out doing the yellowbelly with a number of big cod landed also around the 90+ cm mark. With the cod biting so well lots of anglers have been experimenting with different baits and lures, while there has been some big success fishing soft plastics and swimbaits in this area for the larger cod with the stand out lures have been the Westin swimbaits and the Reflection soft plastics.

Cressbrook dam

Many people asking about Cressbrook with not much to report, the fishing has been a bit hit and miss with the most of the fish landed have come from trolling deep diving hardbodies through the middle of the lake in the deeper water targeting the suspending fish. There has been a thermocline in the water around the 25ft mark, this happens often in the summertime and becomes the most comfortable column of water for the fish which makes them easier to target if you can get the lure to the correct depth. If you are going bait fishing live shrimp and worms are your best bet, again try put them in that 25ft mark.

Copeton dam

Copeton has come back to its best again already after the big inflow of water. the fishing is at an all time high with lots of big cod landed over the past couple weeks, many on big surface lures just on last light and into the night while during the day trolling big hardbodied lures has worked well. Most of the fish are being caught in the main basin area working just our from the timber lines in the bit deeper water.

Gold Coast offshore

It’s been a bit late coming this year but the pelagics have finally arrived with huge numbers of dolphin fish have emerged out from the Gold Coast around the 36 fathom marks. Trolling skirted lures has had some good success while drifting weightless live baits has produced the bigger fish. Plenty of tuna around also, keeping an eye out for birds working or tuna busting up is the best way to locate the fish then again trolling or live baiting will be the best way to catch them but the fish most have been waiting for is the black marlin and they are moving through thick again this year and coming in quiet close so rig your rods and head out when you can.

Tip of the week

The crowds have not effected the fishing this week, there is still some great fishing to be had. This is the best time of year getting the extra light in the afternoon really helps drag out the bite time. As the sun goes down targeting cod right now is your best bet or if you have a bigger boat then I would suggest heading offshore for a troll for some of the big pelagics around.





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