Rivers are Firing with Green Fish Fishing Report 8 dec 2016






Lure of the week

The new Westin Hypoteez Buzz N Blade soft lures are a cool new design from one of the biggest up and coming brands on the market, these 160mm soft plastic which has a propeller and blade on the back will be dynamite on cod and barramundi. A perfect fish like design they need to be checked out.

Barramundi impoundments

This week I travelled to the Northern Lakes for some barramundi, fishing Kinchant, Teemburra and Faust lakes. With Faust being the pick of the lakes for sheer size of the fish we spent most of the time there, the water levels have dropped pretty rapidly over the past couple months which had changed some of the weed bed formations. Using the fish finder we could easily locate fish in various locations but getting them to bite was a bit more difficult. The water temp would range from 28-31 degrees during the day, we fished a well know weed bank called Faust Point which produced some huge fish for us in the early mornings but as the water temp rose throughout the day the fish moved into deeper water. We then located numerous fish out in the main basin area anywhere from 20ft to 100ft. The fish were all suspended on the thermocline which was at around 20ft using heavy soft plastics and counting them down to the correct depth we began to catch some quality fish that would school up around the boat. The fish would move in and out making the bite times sporadic, although when they came through the fishing was top notch. I have also heard good reports coming from Awoonga Dam this week which is a lot closer although the fish have been smaller.

River fishing

With the first week of official cod open season done the reports have been as expected with huge numbers of cod on the bite ready to take a variety of baits and lures, but the biggest news is the amount of yellowbelly around. Especially throughout the border rivers (Dumaresq), (Macintyre) baits like salt water yabbies and live shrimp will see a fish a drop while some nice cod have been landed on twin blade spinnerbaits and other bibed lures. Further south to the Severn River, the cod numbers have been crazy with some anglers getting over 50 a day on spinnerbaits and lures. Good bait fishing in the Condamine with plenty of good sized yellowbelly being landed on live shrimp and saltwater yabbies.

Local impoundments

Most lakes in the local area have been producing fish but they can change dramatically day to day depending on the weather. All fishing lakes love consistent weather, doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold as long as there is no big change for a number of days. The lake with usually fish well so some areas will fish good while other wont. This week we have heard of good reports from Bjelke Petersen dam, it continues to produce huge numbers of both bass and yellowbelly on all baits and sinking lures fished in the deeper water in the main basin. Locating them with your fish finder is the key. Some good cod have showed up this week in both Coolmunda and Cooby dam. Fishing spinnerbaits in the timbers at Coolmunda has been the best for the large cod while bait fishing and trolling has worked well at Cooby dam. Leslie dam is fishing really well for yellowbelly with most anglers bagging out on saltwater yabbies and live shrimp up the dam wall end of the lake fishing around boulders.

Saltwater fishing

Inshore has seen a couple of species really fire up. The summer whiting being takin over the shallow sand banks around the Broadwater and up to Jumpinpin on high tides and the mangrove jacks have been biting well in the Coomera and Nerang rivers on softplastics and hardbodies fished around the docks preferably on low tide. Offshore has seen a strong northerly blowing the warmer water in and the pelagics are following with good reports of dolphin fish and tuna getting around. I would suggest trolling a spread of hardbodies and skirted lures out around the 36 fathoms and south towards the tweed. Bottom fishing has been very poor with the northerly winds.

Tip of the week

With the cod season now open the rivers are the place to be. Anglers have avoided the rivers for 3 months and not only have the cod had a break and a chance to spawn but so have the yellowbelly and with the good rains we had a while back it kept a good flow through the rivers and the conditions are great I would be planning a river fishing trip soon.

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