Lure of the week

The new Jackall Gigantarel has hit the market and it is gigantic 200mm long and 5.4 ounces in weight
This lure certainly isn’t for bream fishing. But the big cod and barramundi are going to love it this season so be sure to check them out. Great life like action, Its sure going to be irresistible to be once in a life time Big Cod

Bjelke Petersen dam

This week we headed here for a look after hearing good reports and we were not disappointed the fishing is exceptional right now with lots of schooling bass and yellowbelly out from most lake points in ranging depths from 15-30ft of water. A number of different baits and lures worked well, I think everyone in the boat
Used something different and had success, but the bigger fish did come on bigger lures like the spinnerbaits and soft Jackalls. While there were allot of smaller fish to be caught there was plenty of good sized bass and yellowbelly over the 40cm mark landed. BP dam is not that far away and defiantly worth the drive. If you have a
Fish finder you will easily locate the schools. There has been a number of boats on varies schools so you can see where to start looking by finding all the boats together just keep a good distance from other anglers.

Leslie dam

Consistent fishing continues at Leslie with not many anglers going home empty handed, there has been plenty of yellowbelly caught on both bait and lures. the ZX blades jigged in around 16ft has had most success while live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have also worked great. Unfortunately trolling hasn’t seemed to work to well just yet, the fish aren’t quite active enough yet so again using your fish finder to locate some fish or structure will help you get on to them. Land based anglers have also been having a good run with plenty of yellowbelly and smaller cod being takin close to the banks at the dam wall end.

Cressbrook dam

With the warmer weather around the schooling bass have become more active and there has been some good bass landed at Cressbrook this week on both baits and lures tailspinners and softplastics have been the lures of choice while live shrimp
Has dominated the bait. You will need to locate the schooling fish using your fish finder there has been some schools in the main basin around the buoy line and also around eagles nest. Early mornings and late afternoons it’s still worth a fish on the edges with spinnerbaits or suspenders for the bigger fish.

Cooby dam

Pretty consistent fishing at Cooby again this week with plenty of reports of good yellowbelly and smaller cod being taken on both bait and lures salt water yabbies and ZX blades jigged in the deeper water out from the rock wall has been
The most productive but unlike Leslie, trolling has also been working. Trolling diving lures around the 10ft mark as close to the weed beds as possible will entice those fish out of the weeds and if you can get it right, there are some good fish
to be caught. Just keep an eye on the surface weed and the direction of the wind.

Boondooma dam

Just like BP Boondooma is fishing really well with lots of bass and yellowbelly hitting the decks and on all sorts of baits and techniques. Either spinnerbaiting the timbers to bait fishing the schools the fish are biting, it will all depend on how you like to fish ,even trolling deep diving lures has worked and is a great way to locate fish. If it’s bass you are after then I suggest fishing the schools out from the points i.e. the Junction and Pelican Point using tailspinners and soft plastics. If you’re more after some yellowbelly then I would fish in the timbered areas, maybe up the Stuart arm
casting spinnerbaits and Jackalls for the lure angler or dropping saltwater yabby near a tree for the bait anglers.

Brisbane River

There are many locations along the river to fish in both freshwater regions and saltwater. The Brisbane River is an incredible fishery with outstanding bass and yellowbelly fishing at the bases of both Somerset and Wivenhoe spillways
With long stretches of timbered water to fish from a kayak or small craft. Then you have the salt water end through Brisbane city and into the mouth where it meets Moreton bay. Right now some quality threadfin salmon fishing around Fishermans Island and in the mouth of the river using sinking vibes and live baits. There is a lot of versatility to this river and its worth some research for you next trip.

Tip of the week

As I mentioned in the Cooby section about keeping an eye on the wind direction, lakes with visible weed beds are predictable fisheries. The weed beds hold all the bait fish which in turn will show you the most likely area for fish because these bait
fish are high in the water column living in the weed, the wind on the surface really effects where they go. More times than not they are in the wind blown weed beds, using this knowledge you can give yourself a good idea where the fish are, its then
just a matter of catching them.

Clinton Ruhle with a 55cm Somerset bass. Well done Clinton Great bass.

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