Fishing Report 27/10/16 Leslie is Firing Up

Lure of the week

The new ‘’Gang Banger’’ spoons from Hot Bite have finally hit the shelves and have been going great. There are 4 colours including a 12g model while the originals are 20g, which is great for getting down to those deep fish. The spoons have been working great on both bass and yellowbelly jigged or slow rolled on the bottom.

Leslie dam

Leslie has really fired up this last couple weeks with plenty of good sized yellowbelly being landed on all sorts of baits and lures. Frozen saltwater yabbies and live shrimp have worked a treat from both land based anglers and boaties, while the lure anglers have enjoyed a range of techniques that have been working. The main 2 techniques have been jigging blades and casting rattling vibe lures to the edges. Dark coloured blades and lures have worked best while the yabbies and shrimp rigged on a lightly weighted running ball sinker with a swivel is the best way to target the yellowbelly.

Cooby dam

Cooby has collected some good fish this week with plenty of yellowbelly hitting the decks again, jigging blades seems to be the best way to catch them on lures. There has also been plenty taking deep diving hardbodies trolled around the edges just off the bottom. Salt water yabbies and live shrimp have been very successful fished around the buoy line in the deeper water for yellowbelly while bloodworms have cleaned up the catfish in a few areas between the yacht club and the rock wall.

Cressbrook dam

Some better fishing coming from Cressy this week, the water temp is finally starting to pick up and the fish are starting to move in numbers. Small schools are being located of the main lake points and are being caught by trolling diving lures over them or jigging spoons and tailspinners. The bigger fish have been a little illusive with most fish ranging from the 30-40cm mark but fighting really hard if you take live shrimp you will be sure to rack up a few fish.

Boondoomba dam

The fishing at Boondoomba has continued some good form and as expected the fish are starting to school up a bit more. If you are to fish the edges target steep banks and sinking lures to get down a bit otherwise locating schools on your sounder is key. Areas like Pelican Point and The Junction are always good places to start while any of the main points can hold good fish. Once located jigging blades, spoons and tailspinners has worked very well. If this fails try something a bit louder like a Jackall or spinnerbait. For the bait fisherman finding the schools will help and fishing saltwater yabbies or live shrimp deep on a running ball sinker would be the best option.

Maroon dam

Maroon has kept a bit quiet this year it hasn’t really fired up although there are still plenty of fish being landed here, if you put a good day in you will rack up a few bass. This lake always produces a few fish although the size isn’t great they make up for it with fight. Casting reaction baits like vibes and spinnerbaits to the weed edges throughout the morning and afternoons is the most productive way and sometimes during the day fishing these same lures in amongst the standing timbers. For the bait angler live shrimp are a must and are very successful.

Awoonga dam

A lake we haven’t talked much about for a long while since it lost some many fish in the floods its finally starting to get back on track. The fresh weed beds have formed nicely and there are plenty of fish moving around. Fishing suspending hardbodies and soft plastics to the weed edges has produced plenty of good fish although the size doesn’t seem to be what it used to be there are still some decent fish up to the metre being landed. With plenty of fish on anglers sounders and the fishing pressure being so low for the past couple years I would suggest a trip to Awoonga a good idea in the next couple months.

Tip of the week

‘’Jigging’’ is a term being thrown around a lot over the past year, it’s a technique that has proved really successful and simple to perform most of the time. This action is carried out on the bottom and in relatively deep wate,r you must have your lure on the bottom with slack line then use the slack I your line to create a whipping action to launch your lure of the bottom before again lowering it back to the bottom and creating the slack line again. Try to keep tension on your line when dropping it back to the bottom in case you miss the bite.

Josh Irving with a nice bass from Lake Dyer on a spinnerbait!




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