Fishing Report October 20




Lure of the week

The Cranka Crabs are one of the biggest hits for 2016 in the fishing market, these super lifelike lures come in a variety of weights and sizes and all parts on the lure are interchangeable and replaceable. They are a small crab imitation that is ideal for most estuary type fish but with some of the dark colors they have worked well on our freshwater species jigged on the bottom.

Bjelke Petersen dam

BP has been fishing really well this year although the size of the fish hasn’t been huge the numbers have been great. Predominately bass have been caught on all sorts of baits and lures spinnerbaits and Jackalls. Casting to the edges has produced some good fish while jigging blades and rolling soft plastics has worked well on the schooling fish around Treasure Island and other main lake points. The Yellowbelly have been really fat and fighting quiet well. Live baits have been the best way to catch both the bass and yellowbelly, live shrimp and live worms have worked great while saltwater yabbies and prawns have been a good back up.

Somerset dam

Somerset seems to be building up to something big, the amount of fish schooling up is incredible you will not have trouble locating fish on your fish finder here but the fish haven’t been playing the game all the time. They usually bite when you first locate the school, you might get one or two fish and then they shut down. Best bet is to move to another school and try to pull a couple from the new fish. A lot of anglers have been reporting a lot of small bites and little hook ups, this is a sign that the fish are not quiet on the bite yet but it seems to be building. I would think a little more warmth in the water and things will get crazy here, defiantly a place to be heading over the next month. Schools have been located at Spit, Pelican Point, Red Rock, Bay 13 and Queen st. If unsure grab a map from your local store.

Leslie dam

Finally back to some good form, most anglers are having good success jigging blades out from main points at Leslie in around 15-20 ft of water. The most popular blades have been the Ecogear shrimp blades but anglers have been catching them on all sorts of small vibe lures using small jigs on the bottom. Trolling hasn’t been very successful just yet. The fish are on the bottom so jigging or bait fishing is the key, live shrimp and saltwater yabbies are the best baits. There has also been plenty of undersize cod being landed, make sure you put them back and take care with the release to help with the future of the cod in Leslie dam.

Pindari dam

The yellowbelly fishing at Pindari has been crazy they are really firing some anglers catching yellowbelly almost every cast the fish seem to be thick up the dam wall end of the lake casting jackal TN60’s to the edges has produced the majority of fish other vibes have worked also along with spinnerbaits the recent fresh through Pindari has really lifted the fishing hopefully a sign of whats to come from some of the other lakes once they settle a bit more.

Cressbrook dam

A few bass being taken at Cressy this week mostly on live shrimp just out from the boat ramp near the buoy line while some anglers have had success fishing the edges in the early mornings and late afternoons casting spinnerbaits, suspending lures and even surface has had its success. The bass have been of a good size mostly ranging from 30-40cm.

Gold coast fishing

The wind hasn’t really been kind for the fishing at the gold coast the past weeks making it very difficult to fish in the open Broadwaters. I would suggest Jumpingpin for the inshore fishing, there has been some nice flathead, bream and whiting caught up near the Kalinga banks and around Short Island on the right tides while drifting Tiger Mullet channel on dropping tides has also produced good fish.

Offshore again the wind has played its part and there hasn’t been many reports, the good part of this is that the close reefs have been getting a bit of a rest and there has been some good snapper and cobia landed early in the mornings around the 24 fathom reefs mainly on pilchards and live baits.

Tip of the week

With the water temps heating up its only a matter of time before some of the lakes really start firing, if a lake fished bad last week its still worth a look this weekend. Things will change very quickly with the waters settling after the rains and the constant sunny days. You will want to be there when they first turn on, its incredible fishing and they do get pressured very quickly so by the time you hear about it they are already being fished by lots of anglers get in first.


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