Fishing Report October 13

Lure of the week

The Jackall TN 60 would be the most popular inland lure on the market and has been for some years this sinking, rattling vibe style lure is great for all of our native freshwater fish. They have a huge colour range and just this week has seen 4 new colours added to the ever-growing very popular range of Jackall lures.

Leslie dam

Leslie has seen the biggest improvement over the past couple weeks, it has reacted well to the inflow of water and now over 30% full with the fish moving up into the new water in search of food. This has seen lots of fish caught up close to the edge and the land based anglers have been having great success fishing baits and lures off the banks around the dam wall end of the lake. Small blades and Jackalls have been the preferred lures while saltwater yabbies and live shrimp dominate the bait fishing.

Somerset dam

Somerset continues to attract anglers because of the quality of the fish being landed here each week. Mostly its giant bass schooling up around the Spit, Bay 13 and Queen St while this week we have also seen pictures of massive yellow belly being landed at Somerset, lately it seems to be home of the big fish. The bite times seem to play a big part in your success, first locating fish is key, this isn’t to  hard as there seems to be plenty of fish around. Once located its becomes a process of elimination. With baits and lures sometimes you will change lures and catch one first cast as they are looking for something different. But they do just seem to have certain bite window where they will come on for 10 mins then shut down again, the key is to make sure you are around fish so that when the bite time comes your lures is near fish. Always keep an eye on the sounder.

Boondooma dam

With a big competition held there last weekend it gives a good sense of how the lake is fishing for the number of boats on the water. There wasn’t a huge amount of fish caught but they would be effected by the boat traffic and fishing pressure. The good thing was the fish were quality and caught on a huge range of different fishing techniques which is good for a change from jigging the schools. Most fish were caught casting Jackall TN60’s off the the steep banks around the start of the Stuart arm and in the basin area, but there were also good fish caught on suspending hardbodies and chatterbaits also fished to the steep banks. Trolling these same lures close to the edges has had its success and for the bait angler, live shrimp for the bass and salt water yabbies for the yellowbelly.

Cooby dam

A few nice yellowbelly starting to show up at Cooby. Casting Jackalls and spinnerbaits to the weed beds has proved successful while jjigging ZX blades once locating a couple fish has been a great technique especially in the afternoons. Some anglers have had success trolling close to the weedbeds on the northern arm although it will depend on wind direction weather you collect the surface weeds all the time. For the bait fisherman again salt water yabbies and live shrimp are key

Jacobs well

Lots of photos showing up around the place of big flathead getting caught and mostly in the Jumpinpin area and a lot of them coming on hardbody lures, either trolled on the edges of the sand flats or cast to the edges around the mangroves. With the warmer weather the saltwater fish are moving up to the shallower water with results of angers catching a lot of fish in the top 4ft of the water column, whether that’s over a sand flat or up on the edge, suspending hard bodies are the lure of choice for most keen anglers.

Gold coast

Have seen some nice tailor landed out from North Stradbroke Islands this week from land based anglers. There are plenty of mac tuna around close the the headlands also. Out wider there has been good catches of big snapper mostly In the mornings on live and fresh baits.

Tip of the week

A strategy that is used to locate the most likely area for fishing is to follow the wind direction, this does not always work but it is something to keep in mind and to check out when fishing. Windblown banks and bays can hold the most bait, sometimes it pushes the small bait fish into a certain area. the wind can also churn up the muddy banks and create a dirty water line, predatory fish love this type of area where they can attack the bait without them being seen.

Ricthard Windon with a great example of a Pindari yellow belly






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