Fishing Report October 6




Lure of the week

The Shad Alive comes in a 120mm and 80mm floating and slow sinking models, these well priced swim baits look super natural in the water and are a fantastic bait fish imitation. Perfect for fishing weed beds and shallow bays for all our dam fish and inshore estuary fish definitely one for the tacklebox.

Boondoomba dam

With the Basstastic fishing comp held here last weekend the lake really got a test and it stood up well with plenty of good fish hitting the decks. Most of the fish were caught casting to the steep rocky banks in the main basin and up the Stuart arm. Popular lures included the ever reliable Jackall TN60, Chatterbaits and Suspending Hardbodies. Trolling close to the edges was successful with TN60’s and shallow diving hardbodies, while the bait anglers had some success out in the schools where the lure anglers didn’t. Live shrimp and salt water yabbies were the stand out baits.

Bjelke Petersen dam

BP which is not to far from Boondoomba as the crow fly’s is fishing very similar a good edge bite on reaction style lures such as Jackalls, Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits which is a great change from the relentless school fishing and jigging we have been having. Again steep rocky banks have been key also using your fish finder to locate fish under your boat will give you a fair idea of how that particular edge is going to fish. Again if you are trolling stick a bit closer to the edges and for the bait angler live shrimp and worms are best for the bass while the saltwater yabbies have attracted the yellowbelly.

Cooby dam

Cooby continues to produce quality numbers of Yellowbelly in all parts of the lake again the northern arm up Cooby Creek has produced some good fish trolling rattling vibes and shallow hard bodies while the deeper parts of the lake up near the bouy line have produced fish on blades and saltwater yabbies. The late afternoon bite has been good but there has been other good bite times throughout the day.

Leslie dam

Plenty of Yellowbelly being landed to keep most anglers happy a bit like Cooby the fish are all over the place some up the back of the dam and others down near the wall I think some are heading up stream to the running water while others are moving to the deeper sections away from the inflow to find the cleaner water so most fish are at either ends of the lake. Salt water yabbies and blood worms have worked really well while the lure angler has had good success on ZX blades and Tn60 lures.

Moogerah dam

Still some good bass being landed at Moogerah although the boat traffic last weekend played its part the schooling fish were a little more scattered and only seem to bite during the specific bite times which are sporadic throughout the day. Most of the numbers are around the weed beds because the weed is attracting the bait if you can locate submerged weeds you will find active fish the key is getting your bait or lure to be as close as possible to the weeds without covering it in the weed. Soft plastics and soft vibes have been the best lures while live shrimp and frozen prawns have worked for the bait angler.

Gold coast fishing

With a large fishing comp held at gold coast last weekend the boat traffic was thick most inshore anglers headed to the Jumpinpin area where there was plenty of quality flathead landed around the Kalinga banks, tiger mullet channel and around short island trolling casting and bait fishing all had there success with some good lizards reported.


The same story for the gold coast offshore the early morning bite is great but it dies by about 8am some really nice snapper landed on sunrise around the 24 fathom reefs and there is heaps of live bait at the pumping jetty makes for a good morning of fishing but after the morning session all the fish turn small best to then go look for some tuna there has been plenty of Mac Tuna about and some good sized Longtail with them.

Tip of the week

Sometimes a bad fishing trip can deter an angler from going for a long time although the thing to remember with fishing is that it can change dramatically in a single day so many factors play part in how the fish act weather its wind direction, temperature, barometer it can just swing the right way and the fish come on. My best tip to catch more fish is to spend time at a single location targeting 1 species learn that lake and that species so that you can better predict your fishing success.

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