Fishing Report September 29




Lure of the week

The Jackall Derabreak is a small chatterbait that is ideal for bass and yellowbelly. It is a great imitation of a yabby and when slow rolled along the bottom can be irresistible to the fish. Anglers have been having good success on these lures in our northern dams like Boondooma, BP and Cania.

Glenlyon dam

The fishing dynamics of most lakes have changed dramatically over the past couple weeks with most of our southern lakes rising up to 50% higher than the level 3 weeks ago. Glenlyon has reacted best to the influx of water with the yellowbelly really firing up. Areas near the caves and up around the dam wall where some of the water is coming in has been the best spots. Hopping soft mask vibes and other Jackall lures has worked best while jigging blades has also been successful. For the bait angler live shrimp and salt water yabbies have worked best.

Pindari dam

There has been some big cod reported this week from Pindari, again up where the water is coming in is the best location. the big fish have been sitting up in the running water with anglers casting spinnerbaits and Jackall Dozers up into the running water have produced some huge cod over the 110cm mar. There has also been good yellowbelly taken in similar areas. Cast and retrieve lure fishing is the best way to catch these fish as you need to cast up into the shallow water where it would be hard to troll or drop a bait into.

Cooby dam

Cooby is also fishing well from the influx of water. Up the northern up into Cooby creek where the majority of water flows in has fished really well for yellowbelly and smaller cod this week. Again soft Jackalls and blades have worked well but trolling 15ft diving hardbodies close to the edges has picked up plenty of fish also trolling TN60 vibes has worked. For the bait fisherman live shrimp, salt water yabbies and bloodworms have all worked well.

Leslie dam

Leslie has also seen a big amount of water and it has picked the fishing up nicely with plenty of anglers picking up some nice yellowbelly trolling around and also jigging out from the main lake points. Also plenty of smaller sized cod around. For the bait angler the frozen salt water yabbies have been a very popular choice.

Somerset dam

Still mixed reports at Somerset, all round the lake is fishing really well. it’s just a matter of being right spot at the right time. Some anglers are reporting 20+ fish and all big for a session, while others are struggling to raise a bite. Late afternoon bite seems to be the better time locations for the schools have been the Spit, Red Rock, Bay13 and Queen st. Mostly around 25-30ft of water if you take live shrimp with you the success rate sky rockets.

Copeton dam

I fished a cod comp here last weekend but with the huge amount of water coming in the cod was not on the bite. I fished the main basin area where the cleaner water was but with no success. The majority of the fish were landed way up the back where the Gwidir river runs in. the water was very dirty, it didn’t deter the fish they are wanting to be near the flowing water and this has resinated in most of the lakes that have been getting the rain and like elsewhere the yellowbelly have reacted well to the running water and were on the bite but the cod were a bit slower.

Tip of the week

The next couple weeks especially is a great time to be targeting yellowbelly, they are loving the fresh. find anywhere with some running water and you are likely to have a hot session as the weather heats up and the dams settle we are in for a great fishing season.



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