Fishing Report September 22

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Lure of the week

The hugely popular Ecogear ZX40 blades have now come out with 5 new UV colors to suit all types of fishing. These blades have been by far the most successful lure of the past 12 months especially the Dark Knight color but these 5 new colors will take them to the next level.

Moogerah dam

Took a trip to Moogerah this week with some good success, plenty of big fat bass schooling up off the main lake points. Straight out from the boat ramp on the spit point was holding plenty of fish. There is a nice bed of weed growing on the bottom so you want to keep your lure just above the weed I was using soft plastics. I would let it sink to the bottom in around 30ft then give it a couple rips and fast winds to get it off the bottom then start with a slow roll retrieve and using a ½ once jig head, kept the bait just above the weed. Other sinking lures like tailspinners and spoons also worked well using this same technique and if you had live shrimp I’m sure you would have great success also. Moogerah dam is producing the goods right now defiantly worth the trip.

Cooby dam

The rain and running water has bought the yellowbelly on the bite quite nicely at Cooby and now with a bit of sun coming out we could be in for a fantastic season at Cooby. Anglers this week caught them up the northern arm of the lake where the water runs in from Cooby creek. The yellowbelly love the running water and are pushing up towards the running water. Trolling Jackall TN60’s and shallow diving hardbodies close to the edges has been the most successful way to catch the yellowbelly. For bait fishing live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have worked best in the same location just out from the main points.

Leslie dam

A huge much needed influx of water has come into Leslie over the past couple weeks and like most dams its bought the yellowbelly on the bite. They really like the running water, most anglers are jigging the bottom in around 20ft on top of any structure or boulders. While this week trolling mid level diving lures has produced some good fish including a lot of small cod around the 30-40 cm mark

Glenlyon dam

More reports have flooded in late this week about the yellowbelly coming on the bite with all the running water. Most reports at Glenlyon have been of trolling deep diving hardbodies like Smak19 and Little Rippers while salt water yabbies and live shrimp again dominate the bait fishing and jigging the Ecogear blades has still been successful
Wivenhoe dam

Plenty of big bass landed at Wivenhoe this week. A lake that is hard to locate fish because of its size means its unpressured as in there is not a lot of fishing taking place for the volume of water. This means when you do find the fish they bite like crazy, this has happened for a few anglers this week and the sessions have been incredible. Locating the schools is the biggest test, once located most sinking lures and baits will work tailspinners and soft plastics are the first choice while live shrimp are the best baits.

Cressbrook dam

Cressbrook has produced a few good fish this week along with a lot of smaller bass. Finding small schools of 3 or 4 fish on your fish finder is about what most anglers are finding, then it’s a game of patients. Once locating a few fish it is best to stay on them until they bite. tThere is small bite windows throughout the day, when it happens you will catch 2 or 3 fish in 15 mins and then it will stop for an hour or more .For some reason most of the bass lakes are following this same pattern with many small bite window throughout the day but the afternoon session has definitely produced the better fishing. Again sinking lures are best tailspinners, soft plastics and spoons.

Gold coast

The heavy rain will push most fish out to the mouths of the creeks and out neat the seaway ,this can make for some really good fishing in the Broadwater.
Offshore there has been plenty of talk as there has been some nice longtail tuna just north of the seaway. Lots of anglers catching 20+kg longtails not far from the mainland , on good days anglers are getting out in small water craft and catching huge fish. Exciting fishing.

Tip of the week

When heading offshore make sure you have all the safety gear necessary and all the correct information it is best to pop into your local tackle store for information whenever you are heading somewhere new there can be dangerous tricks at most fresh and saltwater fisheries.

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