Fishing Report September 15

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Lure of the week


The brand new Fish Candy ‘Smash Crab’ is a soft bait that perfectly imitates a small crab. While weighted to 39 grams it can be fished in deep water and will be excellent for almost all salt water species. Will be perfect for jigging or casting for snapper, flathead and all other bottom species.

Somerset dam

Somerset continues to improve again this week with more constant reports of huge bass being landed in multiple locations on a wide variety of baits and lures. Over the past couple weeks the bass have been mainly in one spot which was causing them to shut down with all the fishing pressure, but now there are a number of schools coming together which is taking the pressure off and prolonging the bite periods.
Most of the schooling fish are in around 25-35 ft of water so fishing deep diving lures or sinking lures is key. Getting your bait or lure to the bottom is a must, thats why lures like the Jetts tailspinners and Jackall soft Mask Vibes are working so well. They are around 20g and get to the bottom nice and quick. Anglers are using a hopping technique or just a simple slow wind along the bottom. Locating the fish is a must the best schools have been on Queen st and at Red Rock while other schools have been showing up around Pelican Point and out from the Spit. If you’re unsure of where these spots are drop in and grab a map, but you will still have to use your fish finder to locate the schools once in these areas. For the bait fisherman live shrimp has been well above other baits while live worms would be the next pick.

Leslie dam

Finally some good news from Leslie this week with a few anglers catching some nice yellowbelly and reporting loosing big fish possible cod up near the dam wall end as seems to hold the cleaner water. Live blood worms have been working very well along with live shrimp and saltwater yabbies even land based fishing has produced some good fish this week. From the boat trolling mid level diving lures around the 12ft mark has worked well. The Smak 12’s have been a stand out along with the little ripper lures.

Cooby dam

Cooby is showing all the signs that it’s going to fish very well over the warmer months, already the fishing has picked up and the yellowbelly are starting to move. Its like a trigger as the water temp rises the fish start moving around, this week the most reports have been of yellowbelly on live shrimp and saltwater yabbies while a few anglers have caught them jigging blades in the deep. I would be keeping an eye on Cooby, things might really start heating up shortly especially on the flats out from the yacht club
Cressbrook dam

A little hit and miss this week with some smaller bass being landed out the front of the boat ramp near the buoy line and out from a few other main lake points, but the bite window is short with the bass shutting off as quick as they turn on. Again fishing around 25ft of water so again deep diving lures trolled around or casting sinking lures like tail spinners and vibes will be best as for bait fishing live shrimp is a must possibly live worms.

Wide Bay offshore

This week we headed out the Wide Bay bar from Rainbow Beach on the Keely Rose fishing charter .The fishing up there is always good with the reefs full of quality structure and a wide variety of fish. The tricky part is getting good weather as the bar crossing is not for the faint hearted. This week they have had some of the best weather all year so we got out wide where we caught snapper, pearlies and moses perch bottom bashing with baits while having the option to jig plastics and knife jigs for amberjack, trevally and cobia. While there was rarely a time someone wasn’t hooked up and we took 36 keepers. This is classed a slow day so I highly recommend checking it out its great fishing for any more info pop in and see us.

Tip of the week

A trick that has been working well on the schooled bass is once they are located, you might jig them or drop baits to them and catch a few while sometimes they shut down after your catch a couple. It is a good tactic to move off them and cast back to the fish. For some reason when the boat is above them they are more cautious. Marking the school on your gps driving away and casting back to the school is the best way to keep the bite going.


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