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golden shiner, hl gold gill, hl bluegill, hl champagne tiger, Uroko hl Chart back Bluegill, bone, Black Market, beetle juice, shibu silver gill, striper, black king gill, hl black, suji glow, ghost wakasagi, mat black, noike gill, hasu, purple snake, sc black red, hl hasu, green squash, Peacock, hl purple, banana, brown dog, ghost purple tiger, ul Tamamushi, Ghost yellow black stripes, ghost black red belly, tg razor, AYU, brown dog gill, kurokotetsu shibu silver, rt school kobuna, Brown Shiner, Wabisabi Gold Black, Spot Shad, Benitama Gill, Rt Escape Zarigani, dragon, HLGOLDBLACK, GhostSSShad, pink eye suji, gold & black, CB purple shad, aussie purple shad, spawning tiger, uroku hl spark red, Goodang, HS Impact Black, RT Silver Hera, Bone Blue Craw, Purple Knight, Viper, Chartreuse Back MB, Mat Black Carp, Gold Black piraruku


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